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  • Zhou Jie Lun has everything in his life: He has a stable career, a loving girlfriend and a good life ahead. However, when he encounters his teenage first love, Lara Wu, in a coincidental meeting, his life changes forever.


    He falls in love with Lara again and their romance blossoms. Just when they think that their romance is a testimonial that a love story can be a simple "boy meets girl, boy fall sin love with girl and they live happily ever after", Lara starts to act strangely. Her mindset begins to shrink younger every two weeks. At twenty-two years old, she cries for burgers and plays with Hello Kitty soft toys.


    Jie Lun has to make a choice: Either abandon her and live happily ever after with another girl, or to stay with her and live in despair ever after. How far will his love for Lara stretches? Till the end of time, or till the end of his patience?