War Trash by Han Jin

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  • Set in 1951-3, War Trash is the story of Yu Yuan, a young Chinese officer sent by Mao with a corps of 'volunteers' to help shore up the Communist side in Korea. When Yu is captured by the Americans, his command of English thrusts him into the role of unofficial interpreter in the psychological warfar that defines the POW camp. And desperate to return to his beloved fiancée and his widowed mother, Yu Yuan finds himself trapped not only by barbed wire but also by politics...


    Taking us into the heart of the camp, Ha Jin renders brilliantly the complex world the prisoners inhabit. As Yu and his fellow captives struggle to create some sense of community, only the idea of home holds out the promise of a return to their former selves. But by the end of this gripping, haunting novel the very concept of home will be more profoundly altered than they can even begin to imagine.