To Forget You by Low Kay Hwa

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  • Before I met you, I wondered all the lyrics in loves songs were so exaggerated: Why do lyricits create such mushy and overemotional sentences? Why can't they just write a good melody without those melodramatic lyrics? That is plain exaggeration.


    Before I fell in love with you, I thought romance novels where just so silly: Why would a person cry for another person for hours? How could a person wait for his lover for years? That is plain silliness.


    Before we became a couple, I thought romance movies were just so stupid: How could a person love another person so deeply that is became an obession? How could one sacrifice so much, even to the extent of his own life, for his lover? That is plain stupidity.


    When I realized I had fallen so deeply in love with you, I finally understoof that songs, novels and movies are just reflections of life inspired by the writers' true stories.


    Because when I decided to end our relationship, I realized our story mirrors a love song that I once heard, a novel you once read and a movie we once watched.