On Time by Catherine Blyth

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  • On Time by Catherine Blyth reveals why time sped up, why there never seems to be enough, and how to make it yours again. We have more time than ever: each one of us can expect 1000 months on this planet if we're lucky. So why do we feel time-poor? Our world is addicted to fast and we have become its servant. Instead of grasping the liberating potential of technology, many of us are locked into a doomed race to outpace hurry. In this book, Blyth combines cutting-edge research from neuroscience and psychology with accessible stories - from Leonardo Da Vinci to Usain Bolt, Aristotle to Anna Wintour, and Kant to Keith Richards - to reveal timeless truths about humanity's finest invention. Angry, witty and enlightening, On Time is a handbook for navigating a fast-forward world that asks the questions productivity guides ignore.


    • Why do some hours trudge while others sprint by?
    • How do bright colours, fast food and rapid breathing affect our tempo?
    • How does autonomy take the stress out of pressure?
    • What are the hours that suit which activities best?


    Stop clock-watching, self-reproach and quit chasing white rabbits. Time is humanity's finest invention: with these small practical steps, it can become your servant.