Making Pink Lemonade by Carolyn Lim

  • Making Pink Lemonade is the debut effort of irrepressible write-aholic Carolyn Lim. Struck by lightning while windsurfing on 10 September 2006, the spunky sporty extrovert is now recovering from the scars of that horrific accident. 


    Carolyn lost none of her courage or effervescence and emerged from the experience a fighter. Now well on the road to recovery, she is eager to make a difference with her life. 


    Making Pink Lemonade is a buoyant tale about the triumph of the human spirit. It is a poignant story of the disaster that struck down a young lady in her prime and how her life was changed as a result. As Carolyn slowly and painfully picked herself up again, we are treated to an uplifting account of how she refused to be defeated by fate and defied the odds to stage a "comeback".