Fantasy In Death byJ.D. Robb

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  • They had been best friends since the early days, driven by one shared vision: to rule the world of virtual reality games. Cill, hard-edged and beautiful; Var and Benny, with the brains and business acumen; and Bart, the genius behind the idea. Their newest invention, refined to transport the player into a fantastical virtual world, is just about to be launched.


    Then, suddenly, Bart is found brutally killed, seemingly defeated by the dark side of their secret masterpiece. Their close-knit group is torn apart. Who would have engineered a virtual death with such devastating consequences? Even Eve Dallas, New York City's most tenacious investigator, is hard-pressed for an answer. But as she digs deeper behind the flashy façade of the gaming world, she finally sees the killer's master plan and she knows his game is far from over..